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Prologue to the presentation on the Book of Revelation

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right” - 2 Tim 3:16.

The key operative word in the above-quoted Scripture portion is its opening word - “ALL”. Before coming to the Book of Revelation, it would serve us well to see how “ALL” the Scriptures’ in the Old Testament (before Christ) and the New Testament (after Christ) sections’, which comprise The Bible, have been classified.

The Old Testament Scriptures have been broadly been divided into 3 sections using the following criteria

  1. History – From the Book of Genesis to the Book of Esther
  2. Poetry – From the Book of Job to the Book of Song of Solomon
  3. Prophecy- From the Book of Isaiah to the Book of Malachi
The New Testament Scriptures have also been categorized–generally speaking-into 3 sections based on the following time-related yardsticks

  1. Past- The four Gospels (redemption work has been completed)
  2. Present – From the Book of Acts to the Epistle of Jude (the age of Grace, following the atoning work of Christ on the Cross)
  3. Future- The Book of Revelation
Honestly, who is not keen to know about THE FUTURE? While the honest urge to peep into the future coupled with the more important Divine observation that ALL Scripture is God-inspired should normally inspire ALL of us to study the Book of Revelation, the fact remains that this awesome, prophetical Book with complex imagery and vocabulary is mostly shunned on the grounds that it is not easily understood.

I can well empathize with the natural objection (Oh, I cannot understand this Book, so why should I read it!) in many believers when it comes to studying this Book, for even after accepting the Lord and walking with him, for many years, I struggled to fully understand this apparently baffling Book, till I started a Bible Study on the same in my Church (having entered a full-time Pastoral Ministry, by then). Once I took up that assignment (honestly compels me to admit at this stage) I realized (I hope you do too) that the fault of not fully understanding this Book, laid more with me than anywhere else. Donning the role of a teacher necessitated
    a) Prayerful dependence on the good Lord for opening my eyes to the marvelous secrets in this mystifying Book (Psalm 119:18) and

    b) Study of relevant commentaries
(Note: This can be done by any person and not necessarily by only an ordained full-timer like me.)

and layers and layers of mists’ surrounding this Book, started disappearing as though driven away by a Divine force, paving the way for a clear vision. Without in any way diluting the responsibility of leaders of the universal Church (including seminaries) who have been called to present the full counsel of God (Acts 20:27), including the Book of Revelation (have some failed?) I want to challenge every born-again believer to make a sincere attempt to come to grips with this Book, adopting the means I found so useful.

Permit me to add here that considering the Book’s mind-boggling imagery, while it may be justified to use the famous words of that great British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill (spoken about Stalin-led Russia in 1939) to describe it as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma", it is equally worthwhile to remember that the good Lord in His sovereign wisdom has kept this apparently mystifying Book, the way it is in order we depend upon Him TOTALLY, a la Daniel in understanding its deep secrets. Oh the joy of His servants, when He reveals the mysteries to them (Daniel 2:17-23)!

While the Book guarantees blessings to those, who read it (1:3/ 22:7), words of Jesus that “when someone has been given much, much will be required in return” (Luke 12:48b), should also spur all His servants’ (with an abiding awesome responsibility of presenting the “full counsel of God”) even in developing countries now equipped with resources like
    a) Valuable Bible commentaries of enlightened writers’ (of the Western World),

    b) Access to net facilities etc
to study this Book prayerfully in right earnest and present its truths to common folk by way of an easy-to-understand presentation.

Hence dear friends with the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit (I John 2:27) who is the greatest teacher of them all, and after studying many commentaries on this marvelous Book, an attempt is being made by yours truly to unravel the Book of Revelation and present it in the most lucid way possible by way of a Power point presentation in this site. Why Power point Presentation? Breathtaking imagery of this awe-inspiring Book can be best understood and explained only WITH THE AID OF APT PICTURES and is there a better format than PPT in the cyber world to be used for this purpose? I would even go as far as to say that the Book of Revelation-given its unique content-and the PPT format (to study it) lending itself to creative animations are tailor made for each other!

It is said that the best can be derived from the Scriptures by adopting a 3-fold formula namely a) Observation b) Interpretation and c) Application (using it in our living)

Hence with the pictures carrying suitable captions -mostly self-explanatory- serving the purpose of facilitating the observation process

    a) Supplementary notes (mostly in question and answer style with relevant Bible references’ hyper linked to New Living Translation available in in word format wherever required (I.e.…in the case of some slides) and

    b) Ancillary slides to the main slide
are also being given to facilitate the interpretation and application processes’. It is sincerely hoped that the notes and the ancillary slides (prepared/designed) would remove ALL the “roadblocks”, the viewer of this PPT is bound to encounter, whilst navigating through this presentation.

Instructions on how to navigate through the slides…

    a) Slide numbers’ in White color are provided in the slide itself for the readers’ to click therein, and access the notes

    b) The availability of ancillary slides is indicated by way of a number in Yellow color prefixed by the alphabets AS (abbreviation for Ancillary slides). Clear indication has been provided, as to where to click in order to access the ancillary slides

    c) After going through the notes and the ancillary slides, as the case may be, all the readers/viewers have to do to go back to main PPT is to click at the word “BACK” at the right hand bottom corner of the notes page/ancillary slide. Also, I would like to state that while navigating through the slides on tribulation judgments like 7 seals judgment hyperlinked to the main slide AS 20, the viewers are advised to go through ALL the seven seals judgments, one after the other, for the BACK provision has been provided only at the end of the 7th seal judgment. The same instruction applies whilst going through the slides pertaining to other Judgments/Parenthesis in the Slide no AS 20 and in other places like Slide no: AS –6

    d) Similarly, in some of the notes, there are also references’ pertaining to the related notes in yet another page with due provision of hyperlinks. After browsing the related notes, one can come back to the main notes page by clicking at the word “BACK” at the left hand bottom corner of the page. Of course, where there are no references’ in the notes to notes pertaining to other slides, the words “BACK” are not mentioned

    e) On opening the hyper linked Bible reference (from Bible gateway) provided in the notes, the viewers need to close the said web page of Bible gateway to come back to notes

    f) The slides, which do not have supplementary notes hyper linked to them are all marked in Green color.
While continuing to dwell on the subject of notes, I would also like to add that the cardinal, time-tested principle adopted by many a commentator-use scripture to interpret scripture- has been used by me also. Hence a plethora of cross-references’ in the notes section, giving the viewers/readers’ (hopefully) a fulfilling, deep Bible study experience!

While the system of going sequentially Chapter by Chapter has its merits, a simpler method of dividing the Book of Revelation into 7 Revelations and presenting it (like it is done by me) would, I sincerely hope offer the viewer ship greater clarity facilitating easier understanding.

So what are those Seven Revelations in the Book of Revelation, which have been packaged and presented in this PPT? Well, they are “Revelations” of
  1. Jesus Christ
  2. The Church
  3. The Judgments
  4. The Unholy Trinity
  5. The Wars
  6. Nation of Israel
  7. Millennium and beyond
At this stage, I also need to say (in order to properly prepare the mind of the viewer/reader, all with an aim to facilitate understanding) that despite an attempt to clearly demarcate the Seven Revelations from one another, on account of very close proximity of so many events in the 7-year Tribulation period for any commentator including yours truly there is bound to be inevitable replication in the notes summary. For instance notes on II Seal judgment under the heading “Revelation of Judgments” and the future III World war under the title “Revelation of the Wars” are one and the same. Similarly the notes on the Sixth bowl judgment and the Armageddon war are also alike. In the slides accordingly, wherever there has been overlapping subjects, numbering (more than one) have been provided suitably.

Is there is a slide on Timeline of Revelation Events? YES, it is there (Slide no:7 to be more precise), which is hyper linked to all the “time-related” and “action slides” and marked as   in Red color with an aim to serve as a ready-reckoner to the viewer ship, keen to know the timing of any event described in the Book for instance say timing of Bowls Judgment during Tribulation.

Even as I wind-up the prologue section, I praise and thank God for counting me worthy of this project and giving me all the resources to take-up this work and then of course my wife for her sacrificial support, my Church (Christian Fellowship Church, SR Nagar, Hyderabad – headed by Rev. Dr. Simon Peter) for the opportunity it gave me to begin an in-depth Bible study on this deeply edifying Book and a mentor in the matters of prophesy namely Rev. Dr. Vijay Bhushnam of Gospel Trumpet Ministries (address and phone number given in the penultimate slide of this PPT) whose initial valuable contributions in matters such as design of the PPT, selection of pictures etc was of immense help to me. In fact, my PPT is only a more orderly rendition of the original one prepared by him (sans the notes), just as Luke’s Gospel is in relation to the Mark’s Gospel (Luke 1:1-3).

While reiterating once again that feedback is most welcome on any matter, pertaining to this project (honestly, I do not know, if the Book of Revelation in Power point format has ever been uploaded before in India or elsewhere in any website?), I shall also be obliged, if any magazine (Christian or otherwise) undertakes to do an objective review of the same. While advising you now, to keep open the following site (in case, you desire to go through the references’ in any other translation other than NLT), whilst going through this presentation, I am taking this opportunity to wish you all an edifying and an illuminative viewing cum read.

Suresh Manoharan

Copyright Statement

The uploaded material - both the PPT and the related notes- IN THIS WEBSITE is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed, of course, WITHOUT ANY CHANGES.

Ps…Dear Friends, opening the zipped file and copying the same into your hard disk for viewing the slideshow, may consume some time (approx 30-45 minutes) depending on the Broadband capacity at your end. However, let me assure you, time spent in this exercise, would be well spent!

1. Revelation Slide Show
Amongst the files (ensure ALL files are unzipped) that would be downloaded into to your hard disk, you may kindly click open only this file bearing the name Book of Revelation.PPT (the other files are supporting files from which the emboldened file draws it’s contents)
2. For your assistance : ZIP software Click here to download

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